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FX-9® Degreaser

FX-9® Degreaser is available in these formulations:

FX-9® SC

  • clear blue: super concentrated liquid for heavy duty cleaning applications.


  • clear green: concentrated liquid for medium to heavy duty cleaning applications.


  • clear purple: concentrated liquid for light to medium duty cleaning applications.

FX-9® Stains-Plus (Carpet Cleaning Applications) An advanced pre-spotter and all around cleaner with built-in germicidal and deodorant properties for carpet, upholstery, vinyl and ceramic tiles, terrazzo and marble surfaces and other general cleaning applications.

  • Instantly removes organic and inorganic stains.
  • Destroys bacteria, fungus and mildew.
  • 1% solution will effectively clean and sanitize any floor, wall and washroom fixtures.

Dilution with water may vary from 90% to 99%. For very tough stains mix with 90% part of water.

For dilution ratios and applications, please see the FX-9 Applications page.

For more information, see the FX-9 brochure PDF [.pdf, 1895 kb].

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