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FX-9® is completely soluble in water and can be diluted to suit the cleaning requirements. The rate of concentration may vary from 5% to full strength depending on the nature and amount of dirt and grime and the type of surface to be cleaned.

Use 60% — 100% Solution For

  • cleaning and degreasing of heavy machinery and equipment
  • oil platforms and rigs
  • pipes and joints
  • drilling tools, oil storage tanks
  • engines, engine test stands or test beds, engine parts and components
  • saw blades and logging equipment

Use 30% — 60% Solution For

  • cleaning and degreasing of missiles and arms, artillery barrels
  • HVAC systems, air filtration systems
  • plant floors, felts & equipment in paper mills
  • transport & oil trailers
  • railroad coaches, buses, ships, aircrafts
  • concrete floors, building exteriors
  • fire and flood damage surfaces, ovens, barbeque grills, stove hoods
  • flushing out rusts and impurities from pipes, boilers, tanks, radiators, etc.
  • cleaning oil spills from any surface, including asphalt
  • preparation of metal surfaces prior to application of paints and coatings

Alternatively, you can use FX-9 FORMULA 600 diluted or undiluted.

Use 5% — 30% Solution For

  • cleaning and degreasing of Print Circuit Boards, ultrasonic systems, electronic components
  • conveyor belts, food processors, bottling and packaging equipment
  • interiors of automobiles, buses, aircraft, trains
  • wheels, tires, carpets, vinyl, upholstery
  • kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, floors, etc.
  • removal of solder fluxes from Printed Circuit Boards
  • surface preparation in the plating process
  • stripping of wax, adhesives, scales, gums, etc.
  • additive to laundry tub to clean and remove soils from cloth

Alternatively, you can use FX-9 FORMULA 300 diluted or undiluted.

For more information, see the FX-9 brochure PDF [.pdf, 1895 kb].

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