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FX-9 Turbo Poster, Water-Based, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly, Corrision Inhibiting PropertiesFX-9 Turbo is a gas turbine compressor cleaner that is mainly supplied in 1:19 Super Concentrate. This 1:19 product is four (4) times more concentrated than the industry standard FX-9 Turbo 1:4 Concentrate gas turbine compressor cleaner. The FX-9 Turbo 1:19 Super Concentrate is manufactured to reduce packaging, transportation and environmental costs as well as to enable clients to blend the product locally to make the industry standard 1:4 Concentrate and RTU (Ready-To-Use). Like Turbo-K products, the FX-9 Turbo industry standard 1:4 Concentrate and FX-9 Turbo RTU can also be supplied.

To read more about FX-9Turbo, follow the link to www.fx-9turbo.com.

MSDS information available at www.fx-9turbo.com/prod_msds.asp.

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