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Our advanced industrial cleaning products are used in the Aviation, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Mining, Industrial and Commercial Cleaning industries:

Global Distributor

Roselli Chemicals Inc. as the co-owner of Turbo-K International Ltd., the manufacturer of the world's most revolutionary Turbo-K Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaners, is proud to distribute Turbo-K products globally under the Exclusive Master Distributor agreement PDF [.pdf, 298 kb].

To read more about Turbo-K, click here.

Turbo-K International Ltd.: www.turbo-k.biz

Our company also offers Fuel Treatment, Fuel Filtration and Lubrication; oil & gas specialty chemicals and advanced materials; Demulsifiers; and Descalers and through distribution arrangements with Combustion Technologies USA LLC, Cestoil Chemical Inc., Velocity Chemicals Ltd., and Anion Performance Chemicals.

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